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Jeong-Dong Lee

Jeong-Dong Lee is a professor of the Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Technology, Management, Economics, and Policy at Seoul National University. He earned his B.A, M.A, and Ph. D. from Seoul National University. His theoretical interests include Industrial Dynamics, Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, Innovation Evolution Theory, Enterprise Technology Innovation Strategy, and National Technology Innovation Policy.

Lee is a regular member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (2020-), the Korean Academy of Engineering (2018-). He served as the president of the Korea Productivity Society (2011) and the Korean Society of Business Management (2017). He has also served as special assistant for economy and science of the president office (2019-2021). He is the co-editor of Science and Public Policy (Oxford Unversity Press), a leading international journal in the field of technological innovation, and the organizer of the 2018 Asia Pacific Productivity Conference (APPC) in Seoul.

Lee is the author of several publications and numerous articles. His publications include Time of Accumulation (2015), Road of Accumulation (2017), and The Original Question (2022). He has written two academic books, including Efficiency Analysis Theory (2012) and Engineering Technology and Policy (2011), and have co-translated Evolutionary Economic Theory. He has also edited 3 English books. He has published more than 100 domestic and foreign journal articles on the Economics of Innovation and Innovation Policy.

Science and Public Policy

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